The Company


More than 10 Years of experience

Twelve Games is a Console, Computer and Mobile Games Development studio founded in 2003 by an Industry Veteran, Giuseppe Crugliano, in few years became one of the leading Company in the video game scene. During this years of exciting activities the company produced a series of titles across a wide range of SKU’s such Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable (PSP), PC, iOS and Android Devices and for the most important online portals, serving big Fortune 100′s Companies and brands such Orbit and Vodafone. CID The Dummy and Martial Arts: Capoeira represents the latest retail titles developed by Twelve and distributed World Wide trough partners such Just A Game GmbH, O-Games, Playten, CDProjekt, Logrus as well as Digital Download Portals like Steam, RealNetworks, Gamestreamer, Stardock just to mention a few. The studio recently specialized into Motion Sensing game development, partnering with companies such Leap Motion, PrimeSense, Extreme Reality, Softkinetic that provides Motion Sensing Solutions and Devices for the Computer Market and vendors like Asus and all the leading HW Manufacturers around the globe. Twelve’s current and past team members has worked for numerous success companies like EA, Monumental, Sony London Studios, Codemasters, Thq bringing new know how to the development processes, tool creation and adoption of new technologies. Twelve is also experienced in using game engines such Cryengine 3, Unreal Engine 3, Unity, Vicious Engine, Virtools as well as iOS and Android tools like Gideros for fast and reduced budget development projects. The team is also capable of handling outsourcing tasks of 3D Modeling, Animation, Sound Design as well as Concept Creation and Game Design. The Studio has recently secured a a deal for the creation of Toys and a TV series for one of the company main IP.